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Sparky's Bully Workshop: A Reason To Rhyme - Victoria Devine
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Victoria Devine:
Sparky's Bully Workshop: A Reason To Rhyme - new book

ISBN: 9781543930344

ID: 978154393034

When the school bell rings, the boys and girls are excited to learn. They are enrolled in Sparky''s Bully Workshop. As the teacher enters the classroom, the children discover that their teacher is an adorable Golden Retriever! Sparky proudly announces that he is the professor of wisdom and bravery. Can you imagine the unexpected excitement the children are feeling?Traveling the world all year long solving bullying emergencies and helping children to become confident isn''t easy. Sparky comes up with a rhyming bully workshop that makes learning to be A.B.C. - Assertive, Bold, and Confident - simple and fun. Victoria Devine, Books, Sparky's Bully Workshop: A Reason To Rhyme Books, BookBaby

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