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Unknown - Van Cauwelaert, Didier
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Van Cauwelaert, Didier:


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Kein Buch! Medienkatalog. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: BLACKSTONE AUDIO BOOKS, L=234mm, B=165mm, H=33mm, Laufzeit=270 Minuten, Gew.=277gr, Library. [GR: 51110 - AUDIO/Belletristik/Roman… More...

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Didier Van Cauwelaert:

Out of My Head: Library Edition - used book

ISBN: 9781441759757

Other, [PU: Blackstone Audiobooks, Format: Other. Brand New, Perfect Condition. May Ship From Overseas, Allow Additional Delivery Time. , Format: Other. Brand New, Perfect Condition. May … More...

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Details of the book

Martin Harris returns home after a short absence to find that his wife doesn't know him, another man is living in his house under his name, and the neighbors think he's a raving lunatic. Worse, no one--family, colleague, or doctor--can vouch for him. Worse still, the impostor shares all of Martin's memories, experiences, and knowledge, down to the last detail. He is, in fact, a more convincing Martin than Martin himself. Is it a conspiracy? Amnesia? An elaborate hoax or a paranoid delusion? In his high-powered new novel, van Cauwelaert explores the illusory nature of identity and the instability of the things we take for granted.

Details of the book - Unknown

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781441759757
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1441759751
Publishing year: 2010
Weight: 0,277 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9781441759757

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-4417-5975-1, 978-1-4417-5975-7

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