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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - 2 Volume - Kathryn A. Agard
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Kathryn A. Agard:

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - 2 Volume - used book

ISBN: 9781412968867

A digital copy of "Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - 2 Volume" by Kathryn A. Agard. Download is immediately available upon purchase! 9781412968867,1412968860,leadership,nonprofit,or… More...

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - Agard, Kathryn A.
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Agard, Kathryn A.:

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - hardcover

2010, ISBN: 1412968860

[EAN: 9781412968867], New book, [PU: SAGE PUBN], BUSINESS ECONOMICS FINANCE & LEADERSHIP NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS CHARITIES GENERAL, Dieser Artikel ist ein Print on Demand Artikel und wird… More...

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: A Reference Handbook
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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: A Reference Handbook - First edition


ISBN: 9781412968867


Editor: Agard, Kathryn A. SAGE Publications, Inc, Hardcover, Auflage: 1, 1072 Seiten, Publiziert: 2010-12-30T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, 3.37 kg, Books Global Store, Special Features,… More...

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Kathryn A. Agard:
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations : A Reference Handbook - used book

ISBN: 9781412968867

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations : A Reference Handbook Hardcover eBooks, SAGE Publications, Inc

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - Kathryn A. Agard
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Kathryn A. Agard:
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations - Paperback

ISBN: 9781412968867

paperback, [PU: SAGE Publications]

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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: A Reference Handbook

Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations tackles issues and leadership topics for those seeking to understand more about this dynamic sector of society. A major focus of this two-volume reference work is on the specific roles and skills required of the non-profit leader in voluntary organizations. Key features include: contributions from a wide range of authors who reflect the variety, vibrancy and creativity of the sector itself an overview of the history of non-profit organizations in the United States description of a robust and diverse assortment of organizations and opportunities for leadership an exploration of the nature of leadership and its complexity as exemplified in the non-profit sector availability both in print and online - this title will form part of the 2010 Encyclopedia Collection on SAGE Reference Online. The Handbook includes topics such as: personalities of non-profit leaders vision and starting a nonprofit organization nonprofit law, statutes, taxation and regulations strategic management financial management collaboration public relations for promoting a non-profit organization human resource policies and procedures.

Details of the book - Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: A Reference Handbook

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781412968867
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1412968860
Publishing year: 2010
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
1064 Pages
Weight: 3,379 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9781412968867

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1-4129-6886-0, 978-1-4129-6886-7
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Book author: aagaard
Book title: liederheft für die volksschulen des regierungs bezirks düsseldorf, lieder für volksschulen, leadership organizations, handbook leadership, reference handbook

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