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The the foreign education masterpiece Books Kai Hing Steiner education of election(Chinese Edition) - DE ) KAI XING SI TAI NA ZHU
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The the foreign education masterpiece Books Kai Hing Steiner education of election(Chinese Edition) - Paperback

2003, ISBN: 7107174649

ID: 10565728851

[EAN: 9787107174643], Neubuch, Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2003-06-02 Pages: 298 Publisher: People's Education Press Introduction of Kai Hing Steiner (Georg Kerschensteiner .1854.7.29-1932 .1.5) is the 19th century the famous German educational theorist and education reformer . He was born in of Munich a public family. Childhood. his family was poor. after they finished primary school entering teacher preparatory school. graduating in 1871. then worked in the education. This period. due to his school eager blamed for self-study to complement the three years of the secondary school curriculum. after admitted to the University. studying electrical engineering. and then transferred to the University of Munich study mathematics. 1877 to 1881. he engaged in the study of mathematics and physics at the University of Munich and the Ecole Polytechnique. the same year by a mathematical experiment exam and served as a secondary school teacher. He has taught in Milan Ke Udovenko School. Nuremberg Business School. history of temperature FORD Arts Secondary School and Ludwig Arts Middle School. 1895 to 1909. he served as a the Munich National school supervision. At this point. Kai Hing Steiner has been famous educator said. 199 041 906. he is committed to Munich will continue the reform of education schools for the sub-specialties of vocational schools. further technical training to provide pre-employment preparation for the national school graduates. He also reformed the curriculum of the elementary school crafts classes. to further clarify the concept of labor school. He stressed the importance of national education. and pointed out that the various stages of the development of cultural wealth obtained with students is closely related. He repeatedly with the text discusses the necessity of national education and the value of vocational education. Directory first edition Preface fourth edition Preface. national goals and tasks of the national school. vocational education as a primary task. the second and third task of the national schools. four. crafts school pedagogy five professional labor education management courses and technical teachers VI Summary and Conclusion Appendix: an alternative urban national schools each grade reference example. the preamble. the syllabus in the carrying out of the two low-grade class III syllabus in two high-grade class implemented Conclusion summary illustrations a national objectives and tasks of the national schools during the late 18th century to the 19th century. the national schools in Germany has become an administrative tool for countries to implement some will. Medieval Germany. the national education as a means of national management still know nothing about. Countries to the development of spiritual civilization major ceded other social groups. At least in the national school. the implementation of a mandatory education. and in order for their to fulfill the tasks put forward by the State. coupled with a legal color. Who determine school goals. only to focus on the goals and tasks of the so-called national school goals so determined. it will never be the cause of science education to provide any satisfactory prospects. Whether the theory or practice of rational. in some cases. may run into a wall. However. we then produce the country as a product of social development as a human groups and organizations together for a specific target. this group should be through the activities of its members. as far as possible free for personal ethics development pave the way. at the same time. it is also moving in the direction of civilization and the rule of law with the aesthetic characteristics of development. then. with the state to achieve its objectives and scientific basis. but also naturally occurring founded national schools and the general the scientific basis of the high school. Objectives and management. reflecting the ethical think

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