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Marianne Bogardt:

The Pop Up Potty Book (Hardback) - hardcover

1995, ISBN: 9781858811406

Orion Children's Books (an Impri, 04/24/1995. Hardcover. Used; Good., Orion Children's Books (an Impri, 04/24/1995

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Marianne Borgardt:

The Pop-Up Potty Book - hardcover

ISBN: 9781858811406

Hardback, [PU: Orion Publishing Co], Essential novelty book on a universal theme, Health

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Borgardt, Marianne; Bogardt, Marianne:
Pop-Up Potty Book - hardcover


ISBN: 1858811406

[EAN: 9781858811406], Neubuch, Children's Non-fiction|Health|General

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Marianne Borgardt:
The Pop-up Potty Book - new book

ISBN: 9781858811406

NA Pop, Orion Children s Books

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Marianne Borgardt:
The pop-up potty book - used book

ISBN: 1858811406

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Pop-Up Potty Book

A lighthearted novelty book that is designed to help those training to use a potty. Written from a child's perspective there are tabs and flaps that unravel loo roll, pull down pants and empty the potty. An ideal book for parent and child to share. Colour illustrations by Maxie Chambliss. Readership level: 2 - 4 years.

Details of the book - Pop-Up Potty Book

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781858811406
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1858811406
Publishing year: 1995
Weight: 0,178 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 1858811406

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-85881-140-6, 978-1-85881-140-6
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Book author: marianne, chambliss
Book title: only pop

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