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Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse, Hilda Rosner
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Hermann Hesse, Hilda Rosner:

Siddhartha - Paperback

ISBN: 1494392178

[SR: 615422], Paperback, [EAN: 9781494392178], CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Book, [PU: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Siddhartha is a novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of a man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. The book, Hesse's ninth novel (1922), was written in German, in a simple, lyrical style. It was published in the U.S. in 1951 and became influential during the 1960s. Hesse dedicated Siddhartha to his wife Ninon and supposedly afterwards to Romain Rolland and Wilhelm Gundert. The word Siddhartha is made up of two words in the Sanskrit language, siddha (achieved) + artha (meaning or wealth), which together means "he who has found meaning (of existence)" or "he who has attained his goals". In fact, the Buddha's own name, before his renunciation, was Siddhartha Gautama, Prince of Kapilvastu, Nepal. In this book, the Buddha is referred to as "Gotama"., 12689, Occult, 22, Religion & Spirituality, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books

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Hermann Hesse, Hilda Rosner





Details of the book - Siddhartha

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1494392178

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