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The Laird's Luck, And Other Fireside Tales - Arthur Quiller-Couch
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Arthur Quiller-Couch:

The Laird's Luck, And Other Fireside Tales - new book

ISBN: 9781151488954

Arthur Quiller-Couch,Paperback, English-language edition,Pub by General Books LLC Books Books ~~ Fiction~~ Action & Adventure Lairds-Luck-And-Other-Fireside-Tales~~A-T-Quiller-Couch Gener… More...

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Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch:

Laird's Luck, and Other Fireside Tales - new book

ISBN: 115148895X

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The Laird's Luck, and Other Fireside Tales

Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch wrote short stories, novels, criticism, and edited anthologies, including the "Oxford Book" series. He was Assistant Editor of the Liberal weekly "The Speaker," and from 1912 until his death was Professor of English at Cambridge University. Writing under the pen name "Q," Sir Arthur produced a variety of work, including adventure stories, historical fiction, satire, stories of the supernatural, and mysteries. "The Laird's Luck and Other Fireside Tales" is a set of stories from the Napoleonic Wars. In the title tale, a young Scottish Ensign dies gallantly, defending the colors, at the battle of Waterloo. Yet a serious charge has been laid against him that could dishonor his name despite his actions in battle, and all who might be able to defend him are also dead. Was he in fact a scoundrel? The other tales cover other aspects of war and human reactions to it.

Details of the book - The Laird's Luck, and Other Fireside Tales

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781151488954
ISBN (ISBN-10): 115148895X
Publisher: General Books LLC

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ISBN/EAN: 115148895X

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