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Imagining Things - Vaughn, Aaron Victor
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Vaughn, Aaron Victor:
Imagining Things - used book

ISBN: 0983178348

ID: 11014515

This is a skillfully written triple twister and a cliff hanger. As the many subplots unravel, the readers are held hostage by the gifted writer, who presents a finely detailed gallery of characters in this poignant personal drama." - Dr. Rosie Milligan, Founder of Black Writers On Tour"Imagining Things" is a novel about the rewards for following your intuition -- and the punishments for ignoring it ...Evil is not always obvious, but for the sake of Whisper's younger brother, Christian, Whisper wishes it was. Christian is in denial about a bad premonition both he and his sister had just before the arrival of their friend's brother, Marcus, in Philadelphia. Marcus is adept at hiding his very sinister nature, and a malevolent talent, but only Whisper sees and believes it. Whisper and Marcus square off, competing for influence over Christian. As her best friend's brother becomes hell-bent on having her younger brother, Whisper must expose Marcus, or make Christian come to his senses, because Christian's denial of their premonition could be fatal -- for someone. What you won't know can hurt you.(This paperback edition includes Reading Group Discussion Questions.)You can visit Aaron online at facebook.com, blaqspot.com, goodreads.com/AaronVictorVaughn, and on his blog for creative people, MuseNoBlues.blogspot.com. If you enjoyed reading his novel, "I used books,books Books, Another Fate Publishing, LLC

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