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Ferrari 1947-1997 : The Official Book - Ferrari ; Antonio Ghini (editor)
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Ferrari ; Antonio Ghini (editor):

Ferrari 1947-1997 : The Official Book - hardcover

1999, ISBN: 0847821528

[EAN: 9780847821525], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, [PU: Rizzoli, New York], Jacket, Detailed and well-illustrated history of the classic car maker and its sought after cars and engines.… More...

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Ferrari: 1947-1997 - hardcover

2003, ISBN: 0847821528

[EAN: 9780847821525], Gebraucht, guter Zustand, [PU: Rizzoli], A+ Customer service! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Used ite… More...

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Ferrari: 1947-1997 - Ferrari
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Ferrari: 1947-1997 - hardcover


ISBN: 9780847821525

Rizzoli, Hardcover, 408 Seiten, Publiziert: 2003-01-04T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, Verkaufsrang: 4093270, Collections, Catalogues & Exhibitions, Photography & Video, Arts & Photograph… More...

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Ferrari, Auotomobiles, and Rizzoli Publications (Creator):
Ferrari: 1947-1997 - hardcover

2003, ISBN: 9780847821525

Hard cover, Hardcover. cover and corner wear. no dust jacket., Reader copy, [PU: Rizzoli International Publications]

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Ferrari, 1947-1997 - Paperback

1997, ISBN: 9780847821525

Paperback. Very Good., 3

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Details of the book
Ferrari: 1947-1997

Compiled by Ferrari, this luxury edition is the quintessential tribute to Italy's great automotive innovator. It captures in words and pictures the fifty year history of the company decade by decade, exploring in-depth the mystique of this timeless symbol of joy, freedom, and sleek automotive muscle. Vivid testimonials and memoirs of the best professional and gentleman drivers tell of phenomenal wins and singular experiences, and an extensive technical introduction charts Ferrari's crucial developments in engines and other components with photographs, plans, and cut-away drawings.

Details of the book - Ferrari: 1947-1997

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780847821525
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0847821528
Publishing year: 2003
Publisher: Rizzoli
408 Pages
Weight: 2,617 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0847821528

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-8478-2152-8, 978-0-8478-2152-5

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