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Annie Murray:

Birmingham Blitz (third in the Birmingham series) : - - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 9780330367882

-: Picador, 1998. None. Paperback. Good. -. It`s August, 1939 Genie Watkins, a Birmingham kid, would love to have a proper happy family like her Italian friend, Teresa But Genie hasn`t … More...

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Annie Murray:

Birmingham Blitz - Paperback

2010, ISBN: 0330367889

[EAN: 9780330367882], [PU: Pan], **Simply Brit** Shipped with Premium postal service within 24 hours from the UK with impressive delivery time. We have dispatched from our book depository… More...

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Murray, Annie:
Birmingham Blitz - used book

ISBN: 9780330367882

Pan Macmillan. Used - Very Good. Used book that is in excellent condition. May show signs of wear or have minor defects., Pan Macmillan, 3

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Murray, Annie:
Birmingham Blitz - Paperback

1998, ISBN: 0330367889

[EAN: 9780330367882], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, [PU: Pan MacMillan], 0, Books

NOT NEW BOOK. Shipping costs: EUR 5.62 MusicMagpie, Stockport, United Kingdom [65730156] [Rating: 5 (von 5)]
Birmingham blitz - Annie Murray - Livre d\'occasion
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Birmingham blitz - Annie Murray - Livre d\'occasion - new book

ISBN: 0330367889

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Birmingham Blitz

Genie Watkin's dreams of a settled and happy family life are disappointed by the outbreak of the Second World War. As the streets of Birmingham come down around her, Geenie struggles to hold her family together and keep their spirits high, discovering to her surprise, love and hope amidst the rubble. Third novel in Annie Murray's Birmingham series.

Details of the book - Birmingham Blitz

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780330367882
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0330367889
Publishing year: 1998
Publisher: PAN
Weight: 0,234 kg
Language: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0330367889

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-330-36788-9, 978-0-330-36788-2
Alternate spelling and related search-keywords:
Book author: margaret alice murray, les murray, annie, birmingham
Book title: birmingham, the blitz then and now

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