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Chats D'atelier - Fini, Leonor; Kalaya, Tana
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Fini, Leonor; Kalaya, Tana:

Chats D'atelier - First edition

1988, ISBN: 45d88bc5423cfb67c7933413cb55226e

Hardcover, ID: 11907260401

[PU: Michele Trinckvel], Jacket, Fn/Fn First Edition HC copy, still in original cardboard slipcase and shrinkwrap packaging. Scarce title. Unpaginated. Text in French. Leonor Fini's 19 cats in her studios with her paintings as background. Fini's love for cats is legendary. This book is a paean to that love. From sedate and sleek to rambunctious and silly, the cats prowl the atelier with curiosity, mischievousness and unfailing charm. Copy is strong, tight, clean and bright. DJ equally Fn, all still in cardboard packaging and shrinkwrap. Title is scarce and collectible in any condition. No finer copy for this price!

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Joseph Holden Books, Pasadena, CA, U.S.A. [602835] [Rating: 5 (von 5)]
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Details of the book

Fini, Leonor; Kalaya, Tana


Chats D'atelier



Details of the book - Chats D'atelier

Publishing year: 1988
Publisher: Michele Trinckvel

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