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Großes Sängerlexikon - Kutsch, Karl J. Riemens, Leo
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Kutsch, Karl J. Riemens, Leo:

Großes Sängerlexikon - new book

2001, ISBN: 9783598115981

[ED: Leinen], [PU: De Gruyter Saur], 18,760 singers â?? 2,500 new articles The third edition of the recognized reference work on singers, the GroÃ?es Sängerlexikon was published in 1997, and has since been considerably enlarged with the publication of two supplement volumes in 1999 and 2001. Now available, the new seven-volume edition incorporates all previous volumes and articles, thus considerably improving the workâ??s user friendliness. To further enhance the encyclopediaâ??s up-to-date coverage, 2,500 new articles have been written, and corrections, suppliments and updates incorporated. This standard work now comprises a total of 18,760 biographies of singers. Each biographical article contains stage name, common name, register of voice and biographical dates. This information is followed by details on the artistâ??s background and musical career organized by places of work, major works, a short list of biographically significant engagements and appearances, a voice characterization and, in the case of major artists, bibliographical details and references to recordings. From the late 16th century to the present From opera, to cantate and sacred vocal music The GroÃ?es Sängerlexikon is not only remarkable for the vast scope of its material but also for the extensive period of time and variety of genres covered. It portrays the development of the genres which have dominated the art of singing since the late 16th century â?? opera, oratorio, aria, cantata, lied, sacred vocal music â??- whilst remaining as up-to-date as possible right up to the present day. The GroÃ?es Sängerlexikon not only contains biographies of interpreters whose voices are available on recordings, such as Lilli Lehmann, Adelina Patti or Francesco Tamagno but also of singers whose careers goe back to times before recording was actually feasible: Henriette Sontag, Faustina Bordoni, Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient, Giovanni Battista Rubini, Adolphe Nourrit and many more. Furthermore, it also includes contemporaries and representatives of other genres, such as Heinz Hoppe, the operetta singer, or Lotte Lenya, the eminent interpreter of Brecht and Weill. Among the singers newly listed in the fourth edition are the soprano Brigitte Hahn, who sang at the US-premiere of Hans Krasaâ??s opera â??Die Verlobung im Traumâ?? in 1996, Jonas Kaufmann and Anna Netrebko. The recently rediscovered artists from the past epochs include Kaspar Niedermair, a bass who joined the Prague Kaiserliche Hofkapelle in 1582 Andrea Giovanni, attributed a three-octave voice range by â??Discorso sopra la Musicaâ?? (1628) Anna Maria Elisabetta Badia, member of the Viennese Kaiserliche Hofkapelle from 1700 to her death in 1726 and Michele Cavara, who took part in the premiere of Meyerbeerâ??s â??Margherita dâ??Anjouâ?? at the Scala di Milano in 1820, to name but a few. The famous, the less well-known and the almost forgotten In addition to the biographies of famous and less well-known or almost forgotten singers, this reference work also features numerous references to further reading and recordings, plus a list of opera and operetta premieres and an extensive bibliography in the appendix. The lives and careers of many singers, who were admired, even idolized by their contemporaries, create a vivid pageant that brings the musical and cultural history of more than four centuries to life. With its many updates, addenda and new entries, the latest edition of the GroÃ?es Sängerlexikon will no doubt continue to live up to the reputation established by its predecessors, as the standard reference work for any lover of singing. LIX, 5371 S. 170 x 240 mm Versandfertig in 3-5 Tagen, Neuware, gewerbliches Angebot

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Großes Sängerlexikon - Karl-Josef Kutsch
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Karl-Josef Kutsch:

Großes Sängerlexikon - new book

2004, ISBN: 3598115989

ID: 10392403092

[EAN: 9783598115981], Neubuch, [PU: De Gruyter Jan 2004], MUSIK / HANDBUCH, LEXIKON, FÜHRER; SÄNGERIN ( SÄNGER ); - SÄNGERIN; SINGEN, This item is printed on demand - Print on Demand Neuware - Das Große Sängerlexikon ist das anerkannte Nachschlagewerk über Sängerinnen und Sänger und umfasst in seiner 4. Auflage 18.760 Sänger-Biographien. Bemerkenswert am Großen Sängerlexikon ist nicht nur seine ungeheure Materialfülle, sondern auch, dass es einen sehr weit gespannten Zeitraum und viele Gattungen umfasst: beginnend mit dem Ende des 16. Jahrhunderts, zeichnet es die Entwicklung der bis heute bestimmend gebliebenen Formen der Gesangskunst nach - Oper, Oratorium, Arie, Kantate, Lied, geistliche Vokalmusik - und bewahrt gleichzeitig bis in die Gegenwart größtmögliche Aktualität. Die biographischen Artikel nennen den Künstler- und den bürgerlichen Namen, das Stimmfach und die Lebensdaten. Es folgen Angaben zur Herkunft, zur Karriere nach Wirkungsstätten und den wichtigsten Werken, eine kurze Darstellung der biographisch bedeutsamen Stationen, eine Charakterisierung der Stimme, bei großen Namen Literaturangaben sowie Hinweise auf Tonträgeraufnahmen. Mit den Aktualisierungen, Ergänzungen und Neuaufnahmen wird das Große Sängerlexikon auch in seiner neuesten Ausgabe wieder dem Ruf seiner Vorgänger als Standardwerk für jeden Liebhaber des Gesanges gerecht. 5444 pp. Deutsch

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Großes Sängerlexikon - Karl-Josef Kutsch, Leo Riemens, Hansjörg Rost
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Karl-Josef Kutsch, Leo Riemens, Hansjörg Rost:
Großes Sängerlexikon - hardcover

ISBN: 3598115989

Hardcover, [EAN: 9783598115981], Walter De Gruyter Inc, Walter De Gruyter Inc, Book, [PU: Walter De Gruyter Inc], Walter De Gruyter Inc, 941672, Music, 942192, Biographies, 14233461, Books on CD, 942190, Books on Cassette, 941698, Business, 941702, History & Criticism, 941674, Instruments & Performers, 941704, Musical Genres, 942160, Recording & Sound, 941692, Reference, 942168, Songbooks, 942162, Theory, Composition & Performance, 941378, Humour & Entertainment, 927726, Subjects, 916520, Books

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Großes Sängerlexikon 5 : Menni - Rappold - Karl J. Kutsch, Leo Riemens, Hansjörg Rost
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Karl J. Kutsch, Leo Riemens, Hansjörg Rost:
Großes Sängerlexikon 5 : Menni - Rappold - used book

2003, ISBN: 9783598115981

[ED: Gewebe], [PU: K. G. Saur], Nur Band 5 [von 7] min. Gebrauchsspuren., [SC: 5.00], Sehr gut, Umschlag: Original-SU, sehr gut, gewerbliches Angebot, Gr.-8, [PU: München], 4., erweiterte Aufl.

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Großes Sängerlexikon: 7 Bd - J., Karl; Riemens, Leo; Rost, Hansjörg
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J., Karl; Riemens, Leo; Rost, Hansjörg:
Großes Sängerlexikon: 7 Bd - used book

ISBN: 9783598115981

ID: 846315760

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