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Marilyn - Gloria Steinem
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Gloria Steinem:

Marilyn - hardcover

ISBN: 0805000607

[SR: 957548], Hardcover, [EAN: 9780805000603], Henry Holt & Co, Henry Holt & Co, Book, [PU: Henry Holt & Co], Henry Holt & Co, In this sensitive, provocative portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Steinem reveals the woman behind the myth--the child Norma Jean--and the forces in America that shaped her into the fantasy and icon that has never died. 16 pages of full-color photos., 2328, Actors & Entertainers, 2327, Arts & Literature, 2, Biographies & Memoirs, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books, 4487, Biographies, 2328, Actors & Actresses, 2345, Directors, 4484, Movies, 86, Humor & Entertainment, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books

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MARILYN - Steinem, Gloria
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Steinem, Gloria:

MARILYN - hardcover

1986, ISBN: 9780805000603

ID: 76052328

New York, Ny, U. S. A.: Henry Holt & Company, LLC. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1986. hardcover. Always Delivery Confirmation. 35 Years Fast Excellent Service. We Know How To Pack Books. ., Henry Holt & Company, LLC, 1986

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Marilyn - Steinem, Gloria
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Steinem, Gloria:
Marilyn - hardcover


ISBN: 9780805000603

ID: 20762629

New York: H. Holt, c1986. 4th printing. Hardcover. Very good condition in good d.j./good. George Barris (photos). 182p., illus. 30 cm. Photos by George Barris, H. Holt

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Marilyn : Norma Jean - Steinem, Gloria
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Steinem, Gloria:
Marilyn : Norma Jean - hardcover

1986, ISBN: 0805000607

ID: 408712656

[EAN: 9780805000603], [PU: Henry Holt, NY.], MONROE MARILYN 1926 1962 BIOGRAPHY, nFINE/ VG. Green pastel boards. [B102]

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Marilyn - Steinem, Gloria
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Steinem, Gloria:
Marilyn - hardcover

1986, ISBN: 9780805000603

ID: 13033307070

Hardcover, Gebraucht, Help save a tree. Buy all your used books from Thriftbooks. Read. Recycle and Reuse., [PU: Henry Holt & Co]

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Gloria Steinem





Details of the book - Marilyn

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780805000603
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0805000607
Publishing year: 1986
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co

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ISBN/EAN: 0805000607

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-8050-0060-7, 978-0-8050-0060-3

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